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TayCo Brace external ankle braces are ordered by over 750 physicians, and athletic trainers from 80+ NCAA, 23 NFL, and 5 NBA teams.


Shop with confidence thanks to our lifetime guarantee. If any part of a brace breaks, we'll replace it for free.


Developed by Dr. Fred Ferlic, a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, and one of the nation's top athletic trainers, Mike Bean, TayCo® Brace is designed to empower mobility and stability for individuals, getting you back to normal with fewer life disruptions, more functionality, and improved outcomes when compared to alternative solutions.

Changing the Standard of Care

The Leading Alternative to a Walking Boot and Traditional AFOs

Recognized as a Top 10 Innovation by Podiatry Today, TayCo Brace offers a line of external ankle braces that help optimize recovery, manage chronic conditions, and enhance fall prevention. We have the only rigid, external ankle support braces, allowing you to retain comfort and stability while wearing your own shoes.

Changing the Way recovery Looks and Feels

How Does an External Ankle Brace Work?

TayCo Brace products work with your shoe to support and stabilize your ankle and hindfoot by limiting movement in different directions. It does this by controlling how your foot moves forward and backward, side to side, and even up and down — all while wearing a sturdy athletic walking/jogging shoe, work boot, diabetic shoe, or cleat. The extra support from your footwear will work in tandem with the brace to get you back on your feet faster.

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Return to Normal Activities Up to 4x Faster Compared to a Walking Boot

Backed by our lifetime guarantee, our mission is to help individuals function after an ankle or hindfoot injury

Loved by Individuals and Elite Athletes Alike

Trusted by Physicians at the Nation's Top Providers

TayCo Brace vs a Walking Boot

Biomechanics Proof

Rest easy knowing that our human performance, ankle brace technology is backed by extensive research studies from multiple universities and research institutions. It's not just trusted by thousands of patients; it's also recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons across the United States.

More Reasons to Ditch the Walking Boot

Side Effects of Wearing a Walking Boot

The walking boot is a heavy and cumbersome, leading to immobility, muscle de-conditioning, and lower quality of life.

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Why Walking Boots are Painful

Nearly 70% of patients experience secondary pain (away from the original injury) after wearing a walking boot. 1 in 3 patients had continued secondary pain 3 months after the device was removed.

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