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Top 10 Reasons to Give the Walking Boot "The Boot"

Top 10 Reasons to Give the Walking Boot "The Boot"

There are many reasons the TayCo XAB and RecoverX Brace brace options are better than a traditional walking boot. Here are the TOP 10 reasons to give the walking boot "the boot" for ankle and hindfoot injuries.

10. Better Compliance

TayCo Brace products are easy to put on over the shoe and so that you can function and continue with your life during recovery. The walking boot is a nuisance to wear, and limits basic functionality and thus doesn't get worn as intended.

9. Consistent Limb Length

There is no change in the length of your legs because it fits outside the shoe, and you don't have to buy special inserts to raise your other foot up. The rocker bottom on a walking boot causes a change in your kinetic chain, and nearly 70% of patients experience secondary pain in knees, hips, and back.

8. Adjustable Range of Motion

The TayCo XAB and RecoverX Braces provide a continuum of care as you recover with immobilization, limited range of motion, and free motion adjustment options. This helps prevent muscle atrophy. There are no such options with the walking boot. It's always fixed in the same position.

7. Quicker Return to Activity

TayCo Brace products keep you mobile and living their normal life while returning to activities of daily living 4x faster than a walking boot, which is often described as a "ball and chain" around your leg, immobilizing the ankle and you.

6. Lighter Weight

The TayCo XAB and RecoverX Braces weigh less than 1 pound. The walking boot weights 4+ pounds.

5. More Comfortable

TayCo Brace products fit outside the shoe to reduce soft tissue damage around the ankle and foot, and have a comfortable padding interface to protect the skin from irritation. The walking boot fits up against the skin and can lead to irritation.

4. Lower Profile

TayCo Brace products are easy to conceal by wearing underneath clothing. Walking boots are bulky and noticeable.

3. Works with Any Athletic Walking/Jogging Shoe or Work Boot

We've already said it, but TayCo Brace products go over your own shoes, allowing you to return to work and normal activities safely with ankle stability, protection and overall support. Walking boots are open-toed and not compliant for certain professions, leading to weeks (and paychecks) way from the job.

2. Works with Orthotics

TayCo Brace products with with your own footwear and orthotic, making it an ideal treatment for PTTD and other ailments requiring an orthotic. Walking boots aren't compatible with orthotics.

1. Better Patient Satisfaction

"I can't believe the difference between TayCo and the boot. A lot of people could benefit from TayCo." Have you ever heard anyone say, "I love my walking boot?" No. If you're ready to ditch the boot, try our RecoverX Brace.
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