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Paul Kesselman, DPM

Paul Kesselman, DPM

Dr. Paul Kesselman has thirty five plus years of clinical experience as a board certified podiatrist and has treated Olympic class athletes Broadway and Ballet Stars. For the last twenty years he has provided compliance and consulting services to a myriad of health care professionals and large multi national medical manufacturers as CEO of PARK DPM. He recently has formed with a partner Alan Bass DPM CPC to form PARE Coding and Compliance. These companies work to assist medical professionals with third party audits. Dr Kesselman is head of the APMA DME Workgroup and works with PFA, AOPA, AAOS, AOFAS to facilitate LCD and NCD Coverage issues and member of Medicare Councils. Dr Kesselman is a member of the APMA Health Policy Committee and NYSPMA Insurance Committee. Dr. Kesselman is a contributing author to Podiatry Management and has been named twice as one of the top 200 most influential podiatrists in the country. He is a sought after lecturer at every major podiatry conference.
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