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What kind of foot and ankle injuries are your braces most commonly used for?

Our external ankle braces can be used for a wide range of diagnoses involving the ankle and hindfoot. The most common are ankle sprains, stable fractures, and operative fractures, along with various forms of chronic instability. Please seek medical advice from your doctor if you have any additional concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: This brace does not support forefoot injuries.

Do your external ankle braces provide forefoot stability?

Unfortunately, the brace does NOT provide forefoot stability or support recovery from forefoot conditions or injuries.

Our external ankle braces only support ankle and hindfoot injuries.

How do I know I’m getting the best external brace possible?

The ankle braces are the only rigid and hinged brace that fits over your shoe, changing the way ankle recovery looks and feels. It is compatible with the majority of athletic shoes and OSHA compliant work boots. It is easy to put on and the straps can be trimmed to fit any user. TayCo Brace is the best lightweight alternative to a walking boot and internal AFOs.

Is there a product warranty?

Our lifetime guarantee ensures that your product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the entire duration of its life. This means that if your product experiences any issues due to manufacturing defects or faults, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

    The product warranty DOES NOT cover:

    • Braces that have been altered or repaired by someone other than TayCo Brace, Inc., Surestep, or authorized affiliates.
    • Warranty coverage to anyone other than the original customer, effective from the date of purchase.
    What shoes can I wear with your off-the-shelf braces?

    We recommend use with a rigid or semi-rigid standard walking/jogging shoe, work boot, or diabetic shoe. Using a custom orthotic in the shoe may be recommended for additional arch and foot support.

    What if my shoe is between sizes?

    If you are between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size to ensure proper fit.

    Where are the braces made?

    Our braces are designed in the United States. We source components internationally and our braces are manufactured in Mexico.

    There is no neoprene used in our braces, and the plastic is made up of a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene. The metal rivets will be either steel or tin.

    Our TayCo Brace team is 100% domestic and when you interact with TayCo Brace Customer Support, you will be working with trained professionals to help with your sale and post-purchase support.

    The stirrup strap broke. Can this be fixed?

    The strap is made of very durable material and rarely malfunctions. If the strap does get worn down or frayed due to normal use (like the soles of shoes), we will replace it. While the stirrup strap cannot be fixed itself, you can email us at help@taycobrace.com or give us a call at 574.855.8213 to get a replacement brace.

    How do I get new straps/pads?

    If you need replacement straps or pads, you can contact us at help@taycobrace.com or 574.855.8213 and we will ensure new straps or pads get sent to your provided shipping address.

    My brace is not fitting right. Are there special instructions on how to put on an over-the-shoe ankle brace?

    Yes, our braces MUST be put on correctly for proper use and comfort. Please visit our fitting guide page for more information.

    Am I able to clean the brace?

    Yes, the straps can be removed and machine washed on cold. Do not use bleach, do not dry clean, and hang to dry. Wash the plastic components with warm water and a washcloth. A rubbing alcohol may be used as a gentle cleanser.

    My stirrup strap adjustment tool broke. What do I do?

    If the stirrup strap adjustment tool breaks it does not change the integrity of the brace. If you need to adjust the stirrup strap, use a small screwdriver to pry it up and pull the strap to tighten or loosen it. If you would like another one, you can always email us at help@taycobrace.com or give us a call at 574.855.8213

    What is the main difference between the RecoverX Brace and the original Medical XAB Brace?

    The difference between the RecoverX Brace and the Medical XAB Brace is that the XAB is optimized for a custom fit. Meaning it has a different blend of polymers that support bending, molding and trimming. The XAB also offers steel spring inserts in the uprights to enhance the custom fitting experience. You can only receive the XAB from a licensed medical provider.

    The color is also different, and the easiest way to distinguish between the two products.