Over-the-Shoe Ankle Support Braces

Our off-the-shelf, pre-fabricated and custom manufactured options give individuals the comfort and stability to function while recovering from or living with chronic ankle and hindfoot injuries.

RecoverX Brace

Our off-the-shelf, external ankle brace that fits over a shoe or work boot, supports all shoe sizes and widths, and is great for injury recovery or long-term ankle support. Available for individuals to buy direct.

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Medical XAB Brace

Known to medical providers as the original TayCo Brace. The Medical XAB Brace is a custom-fit, prescription-only product for injury recovery or long-term support. Available for medical providers only.

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Athletic Brace

The Athletic Brace supports active mobility for athletes and sports activities. It fits over an athlete's cleats, allowing for in-game application and supporting an immediate return to the field with added stability and protection. Ordered by athletic trainers or team physicians.

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