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Athletic Brace

The TayCo Athletic Brace – the ultimate solution trusted by athletic trainers and team physicians for in-game application. Designed to fit over an athlete’s existing cleats, this innovative brace offers instant stability and protection, allowing players to return to the field immediately.
  • Quick sideline application in mere seconds for immediate return to play
  • Fits comfortably over athlete’s cleats to provide support for ankle, mid- and hind foot injuries
  • Delivers exceptional support for both inversion/eversion and internal/external ankle rotation, while maintaining flexibility for dorsiflexion and plantarflexion movements
  • Prophylactic wear prevents repeat injuries, ensuring long-term performance
  • Provides unparalleled support, protecting against injuries without surgery
  • Perfect for high grade ankle sprains including syndesmotic injuries

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  • Designed for Cleated Shoes
  • Durable for High-Contact Sports
  • Custom-Fit Options

Designed for Elite Athletes

Strength tested and trusted by over 23 NFL and 80 NCAA athletic teams

Give Your Team the Competitive Edge

To play at the top of their field, athletes need support. With the the TayCo Athletic Brace, you can help them treat both acute and chronic ankle injuries so that they’re back in the game safer and with less game time loss.

Find us on the field of most CLEATED sport fields, including football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and field hockey.

What Real Athletes Are Saying

Dr. Brian Rattigan, Orthopedic Surgeon for Notre Dame Football Team

"Athletes Return to the Field Faster"

Ordered by Athletic Trainers & Team Physicians

Custom Athletic Brace

Our custom-manufactured brace is tailored for players who need the brace to conform directly to their foot and ankle.

For football players, a rule of thumb is the more times the player touches the ball, the more they need a custom brace. Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and their defensive counterparts should be in a custom brace for an elite-fit.

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