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Charcot Neuropathy and the TayCo Medical XAB

Charcot Neuropathy and the TayCo Medical XAB

Charcot neuropathy, also known as Charcot arthropathy or Charcot foot and ankle, a serious complication that can affect persons with peripheral neuropathy, or loss of sensation, in the foot and ankle. Patients may experience fractures and dislocations of bones and joints with minimal or no known trauma. Initially, there may be swelling, redness and increased warmth of the foot and ankle. Later, when fractures and dislocations occur, there may be severe deformities of the foot, ankle, and hindfoot, including collapse of the ankle/hindfoot and midfoot arch, often called rocker bottom foot. This can lead to severe instability of the ankle/hindfoot and midfoot.

The TayCo Acute External Ankle Brace exists to provide stability without limiting function to patients recovering from acute ankle injuries. It fits over the user’s shoe or boot, providing comfort and protection against soft tissue damage. The brace fully restricts inversion and eversion of the ankle with options for immobilization, range of motion, or free motion for plantarflexion and dorsiflexion

TayCo External Ankle Brace is very effective for mild to moderate Charcot diagnoses. The Acute TayCo Brace will work for most patients with mild foot deformity. Moderate deformities may require the Custom TayCo from either measurements or a cast. However for a severe deformity, a custom orthosis made by a certified orthotist is recommended.

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