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The Hidden Danger of Walking Boots

The Hidden Danger of Walking Boots

Have you ever tried to treat a symptom, only to find that the treatment lead to other seemingly unrelated problems? For example, maybe you may have been prescribed a medicine that created harmful side effects.

That is similar to what a group of patients are reporting, when they were prescribed a walking boot for a severe ankle sprain or broken ankle. A group of patients have filed a class-action lawsuit against a major manufacturer of walking boots, claiming they developed secondary injuries from the limb imbalance created by the walking boot’s thick sole. They also claim they were never warned of the danger.

Walking boots are a staple in any medical professional’s treatment portfolio. They have been used for several decades and are perceived as the “go-to” solution for ankle immobilization. They have treated countless people recovering from ankle and foot injuries. However, they also have shown to have many side effects. Recovering patients have experienced secondary pain in the back, hip, and knee, caused by the limb imbalance from the thick sole. Walking with a limb imbalance throws the entire body out of alignment, leading to abnormal gait and poor posture.

The walking boot is also heavy and cumbersome, leading to immobility, muscle de-conditioning, and lower quality of life.

Thankfully, there is now an alternative to the traditional walking boot. The TayCo External Ankle Brace is the only ankle brace that allows you to use your own footwear and orthotic, while providing the necessary ankle support. This lightweight alternative eliminates the limb imbalance with functional recovery. The brace’s hinge can be fixed for joint immobilization for the first few days or weeks after the injury, and then can be converted to range of motion (ROM) to allow for ankle movement and functional recovery, while providing unparalleled inversion and eversion support.

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