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Reduce Days Lost to Ankle Injuries

Reduce Days Lost to Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are the most common form of muscular-skeletal injuries in the workplace. With the TayCo External Ankle Brace, patients can return to work quickly, sometimes even the next day, after an ankle injury. This is due to the fact that the TayCo Brace fits over an OSHA compliant safety boot, resulting in fewer days of work lost, increased productivity, and a return to a regular paycheck. The TayCo Brace does not cause a limb length discrepancy but rather, immobilizes, protects, and supports the injured ankle.

Traditional treatment with a walking boot will keep workers off the factory floor or construction site for an extended period of time. Walking boots are not work safe for the workplace, as they are open toed and do not offer stability on uneven surfaces. Walking boots lead to more days lost due to injury. The walking boot has a thick rocker bottom that causes a limb length discrepancy, which has been linked to ancillary pain in the knee, hip or back. This can lead to additional days off and lasting pain for the patient. All of this reduces productivity for employers and paychecks for employees. 

Workers keep the economy rolling and the country moving forward. That is why TayCo Brace is committed to returning people with an ankle injury to work as fast as functionally possible.

Worker Compensation Case Study

A 38 year old pipe fitter was carrying a box on the job site, when he did not notice a rut in the ground. He twisted his ankle and fell to the ground. He dusted himself off and received basic first aid at the job site, but the ankle was very tender and swollen. The next day he visited his doctor, and was diagnosed with a moderate to severe ankle sprain requiring additional treatment.

Treatment Before TayCo

  • Walking boot – Cannot return to work for 4 weeks
  • Patient unable to return to work after four weeks due to lower back pain caused by limb length inequality from walking boot

Treatment With TayCo

  • Fixed TayCo – Return to limited duty work after 1 week
  • TayCo converted to ROM – Work with no restrictions in 3 weeks

Better Patient Outcomes

Because the pipe fitter was treated with the TayCo External Ankle Brace, in addition to traditional RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevation), he was able to return to light duty work 4 weeks faster and normal duty 3 weeks faster than if he had been treated with a walking boot. The overall reduction of lost work days was down 75%!

The TayCo Brace is good for the company because their guy was back on the job faster and good for the employee because he was back to a full paycheck weeks sooner.
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