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Dr. Brian Ratigan: "Athletes Return to the Field Faster"

Dr. Brian Ratigan: "Athletes Return to the Field Faster"


My name is Dr. Brian Ratigan, and I serve as the head orthopedic physician for University of Notre Dame football and baseball teams. Today, I'm excited to introduce the TayCo Brace, an innovative orthopedic solution developed right here at the University of Notre Dame by Mike Bean. This brace has become a staple for our cleated athletes, aiding in their return to sport following ankle injuries.

From an orthopedic standpoint, one of the key advantages of the TayCo Brace Brace is its ability to save time, especially during crucial moments like games or practices. Time is of the essence, and this brace allows us to quickly and efficiently get our injured athletes back on the field without losing valuable playing time.

Our athletes rave about the TayCo Brace. Many football players, in particular, have embraced it over the years because it enables them to return to action immediately without missing a beat. Ankle injuries are all too common in sports, and this brace has revolutionized our approach to managing them during games. No longer do we have to fumble with taping over shoes or removing and reapplying braces. With the TayCo Brace Brace, we can simply place it over the shoe, tape it on, and the player is ready to go.

Designed with stability in mind, the TayCo Brace Brace draws inspiration from the gear used by paratroopers, ensuring unparalleled support over the ankle. Athletes report feeling secure and unrestricted in their movements, with no hindrance to side-to-side motion. In fact, many of them forget they're even wearing it, thanks to its comfortable fit over their own socks and shoes.

While the TayCo Brace Brace is a game-changer for athletes, its benefits extend beyond the field. Individuals with peripheral neuropathy find comfort and stability in wearing it over their regular shoes, enhancing their mobility and confidence. In my orthopedic practice, I've witnessed how this brace caters to a wide range of individuals, from high school and college athletes to those in the professional realm.

As orthopedic physicians, we're always seeking ways to restore function and promote healing. Whether it's getting athletes back on the field or helping individuals return to work after injuries, the TayCo Brace Brace has proven to be a versatile and reliable tool. Its ability to provide stability and support makes it invaluable in both athletic and occupational settings, reaffirming its status as a go-to solution for orthopedic care.

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