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How Dr. Jordan Meyers Uses the TayCo Brace XAB on His Patients

How Dr. Jordan Meyers Uses the TayCo Brace XAB on His Patients


This brace has proven to be incredibly beneficial for my practice. I've encountered two significant challenges in my patients' treatment journeys that the TayCo Brace has addressed effectively.

Firstly, there are patients who cannot tolerate a traditional cam walking boot due to underlying knee, hip, or back problems. These orthopedic ailments hinder their ability to use a cam boot successfully. When discussing treatment options in the office, they often express frustration, stating that they've tried it before and know it won't work for them. The TayCo Brace provides a viable alternative for these patients, allowing them to heal their injuries comfortably.

Secondly, there are individuals whose job requirements prevent them from wearing a cam boot. Whether they work in environments that mandate safety shoes or steel-toed boots, such as hospital shift workers or those in other industries with strict regulations, wearing a bulky boot is not feasible. The TayCo Brace enables these patients to continue healing their injuries while complying with workplace regulations.

Moreover, for patients at risk of falls, providing them with a walking boot can further exacerbate their safety concerns. Over the years, I've recognized that attempting to make traditional devices work in situations where they're not suitable often leads to substandard care. The TayCo Brace has emerged as a superior alternative, replacing the short cam walker boot for ankle, rear foot, and even some midfoot pathologies.

By offering a stable foundation that complements any supportive shoe gear, the TayCo Brace facilitates healing across a range of common conditions that I regularly treat in my practice. Its versatility and effectiveness have significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction levels.

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