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TayCo BraceTayCo Brace
Dr. Fred Ferlic: "TayCo Brace is Poised to Replace 95% of the Casts or Walking Boots we Typically Use"

Dr. Fred Ferlic: "TayCo Brace is Poised to Replace 95% of the Casts or Walking Boots we Typically Use"


After 40 years in orthopedics, I can confidently say that I'm thrilled about this product. It's one of those revolutionary advancements that only come along once in a while, and it's poised to replace 95% of the casts or walking boots we typically use.

Let's talk about the TayCo Brace's advantages over traditional methods. Firstly, it's stable, wrapping securely around the patient's shoe, providing support without causing irritation or sores. Unlike cumbersome walking boots, it's lightweight, weighing just 12 ounces, making it far more comfortable for the wearer.

Secondly, it's highly functional. With the ability to adjust the brace to either fix the ankle at 90 degrees or allow for controlled motion, it's adaptable to various treatment protocols. Whether the patient needs immobilization for a fracture or gradual range of motion for recovery, the TayCo Brace can accommodate.

What truly sets the TayCo Brace apart is its adaptability. By measuring the unaffected foot, clinicians can easily mirror the image to fit the injured foot precisely. This flexibility ensures a customized fit and optimal support for each patient.

Furthermore, the TayCo Brace boasts wide-ranging indications, making it suitable for both traumatic and non-traumatic ankle conditions. Whether it's osteoarthritis, ligament laxity, or even fractures, this brace provides stability and support in a variety of scenarios.

Credit must be given to Mike Bean, the inventor of the TayCo Brace. His expertise and creativity have paved the way for this game-changing orthopedic solution. As a practitioner with four decades of experience, I can attest to the positive feedback from patients. Their unanimous verdict? The TayCo Brace far surpasses traditional methods, offering superior comfort and effectiveness.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that the TayCo Brace represents the future of orthopedic care. With its innovative design, adaptability, and patient-centric approach, it's poised to revolutionize how we treat ankle injuries. And to Mike Bean, I say thank you for bringing this remarkable product to fruition.

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