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Sharing Your #TayCoBrace Triumph

Sharing Your #TayCoBrace Triumph

Sharing Your #TayCoBrace Triumph

Powerful stories that empower mobility: 

Your story can help us empower more people to access a better form of recovery that allows them to actually function and get back to their daily activities. By helping us spread the word through your content, you will get compensated for that in perpetuity.

Here’s how it works:  

  1. Sign up for our affiliate partner program to get your own personal link to use in any content that you create.
  2. Share your story, thoughts, and insights online: through your blog, videos, photos or even just your tweets! 
  3. If someone clicks on your link and they make a purchase within 30 days, you get 10% of that sale.

Below we will go over some helpful details, to get you started.

How can I become an affiliate?

You can join our affiliate program by registering at this link or by visiting our website, and scrolling to the bottom of the page to click on our “Partner Program” shown below:Where to find our affiliate program on the RecoverX Brace Website Footer

Need help signing up? Click here to book a time with our team to walk you through the process.

What’s the best way to spread the word?

Empowering mobility is easy when people share their genuine experiences. When it comes to teaching the community there’s a better way to recover, here are the examples we’ve found most impactful: 

Video Testimonials: 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. You can record yourself with a phone, webcam, or in your home studio sharing the story of how our off-the-shelf brace improved your recovery experience. For inspiration purposes, here are some of the key points you might want to touch on: 

  • Who are you, and what started you on the road to better recovery? 
        • This can include your age, your profession, and what happened that made you seek better tools than a walking boot for stability, mobility, and improved recovery.
  • How did TayCo Brace help you get back to doing the things you love? 
        • Here you can share the big differences between a walking boot and our brace, including the specific benefits that you personally feel are most important.
  • Why do people need to know about our brace?
      • Everyone deserves the chance to do the things they love, and here is where you can show them how. Think about the people like you that need to know about our brace now, and tell them to click the link in your content, by directing them to our site via your link, this will maximize your opportunity to empower mobility while being compensated for the inspiration you share.

    When you’re done uploading your content, be sure to tag us @taycobrace so that we can spread your story and build our community of amazing people committed to better movement.

    Here’s a great example of a video that focused on how Chronic Instability Does Not Have to Limit Your LIfe

    Written Posts:

    Have a knack for the written word? Or have a blog that thrives on helpful information? This is a great way to get the word out that there’s a better way to recover from ankle/hindfoot injuries. 

    Here are some great ideas to get your ink flowing:

  • Writing a blog post about our brace: when it comes to making a great blog post, your experiences and insights will make all the difference. You can craft a blog post that informs your readers of the benefits you experienced with our brace and how it compares to a walking boot. Be sure to include your link in the blog post to give your readers a chance to explore our brace, and to let us know that you’ve referred them to our site.

  • Writing a post in online groups or forums: if you belong to a facebook group for people recovering from ankle injuries, or suffering from ankle instability, you can write a post encouraging them to explore our brace through your unique link. This will help them find out if our brace is right for them, and will make sure you get compensated for helping us spread the word.

    When you’ve completed your posts, you can share it on social media and tag us @taycobrace so we can amplify your voice to our community, and continue to empower mobility. 

    Sharing on Social Media:

    You can find us on all major social media platforms @taycobrace - and sharing your story through social media in photos and short form videos can expand your opportunities to reach people who will benefit from empowered mobility. 

    Not sure how to tag us on social media? Here’s a helpful guide for each major platform you can find us on.

    Make sure that your profile or the post is public, so we can share your post with our followers, and so we can add your content to our shop on instagram or facebook.

    Here’s a guide to make a post public on facebook, and one for making your profile public on instagram.

    If you don’t want to make your instagram profile public, no problem! You can use our testimonial survey to upload and share your photo with us.

    Need some great examples, see some the photos below from some of our great community members showing their #TayCoBrace Style

    An Example of a post where @taycobrace is tagged

    Not sure what to write in the caption? Here's a great example you can copy and paste, or customize to make completely your own! 

    "My TayCo RecoverX Brace got me back to doing what I love! Here's a photo of me wearing my #taycobrace over my shoe and getting back to normal function. Thanks @taycobrace for all your support, everyone should know about you!"


    That's it! We hope this helped you understand how to: 

    • Join our affiliate program
    • Understand the stories we love to hear
    • and Tag us on Social Media

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll be happy to help you share your #taycobrace triumph! 

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