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75-Year-Old Active Grandfather Recovers from Left Fibula Fracture

75-Year-Old Active Grandfather Recovers from Left Fibula Fracture


PATRICK'S STORY: Meet Patrick Krueger, a spirited 75-year-old grandfather who enjoys an active lifestyle in South Bend. He loves playing golf, swimming, taking long walks with his wife, and aims to take 10,000 steps or more every day. Recently, Patrick suffered a hairline fracture of his left fibula that threatened to put his active lifestyle on hold.

Patrick suffered this fracture due to a fall caused by dehydration. It was a painful accident that required immediate medical attention, and Patrick's wife promptly dialed 9-1-1. Given Patrick's medical history, which included open heart surgery five years prior, the medical team was cautious.  After a series of tests, including X-rays, the doctors determined that Patrick had sustained a hairline fracture in his fibula. The initial treatment was an Aircast, a boot-like brace that extended up to his knee. While the cast was effective in stabilizing his leg, Patrick found it to be rather bulky and restrictive.

Determined not to let this setback limit his active lifestyle, Patrick sought the expertise of South Bend Orthopedics. There, he met Dr. Bemenderfer, who introduced him to a game-changing solution—the TayCo External Ankle Brace. Unlike the traditional Aircast, this innovative brace was lightweight and allowed for a full range of motion. It took just about a minute to put on and could be worn over Patrick's shoe, protecting the bones on both sides of his leg. The TayCo XAB turned out to be precisely what Patrick needed to regain his active life.

With the TayCo XAB Patrick was once again able to enjoy long walks, attend football games, and look forward to a round of golf.  He also continued to perform his daily chores without limitations. Patrick looks forward to returning for a follow-up examination with the anticipation that his leg would be fully healed, but told us "I'll definitely keep it [the TayCo XAB] around!"

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