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Stability and Balance with EDS/HDS/Hypermobility

Stability and Balance with EDS/HDS/Hypermobility

Rachel tells her story of how TayCo Ankle Braces provided the stability and mobility to perform her job with hypermobile ankles. Before the TayCo Braces, she would fall easily, but after using them she is able to continue working without losing stability caused by EDS.


My name is Rachel, and I have hypermobile EDS type 3, which causes instability in my ankles and feet, making walking and staying stable difficult. As someone who works long hours at a convention center, being on my feet constantly was challenging due to the unpredictability of my EDS. After experiencing frequent falls and foot pain, my doctor prescribed the TayCo Braces, which have provided stability without hindering my mobility, allowing me to perform my job confidently and without fear of injury.

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