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Walking Boots Do Not Work

Walking Boots Do Not Work

Jo Ann A. tells her story of why the TayCo External Ankle Brace is the only solution for her after an ankle injury. Walking boots are heavy, cumbersome, and unstable. The TayCo External Ankle Brace is the only functional alternative to the walking boot and returns patients to normal daily functions up to 4x faster than walking boots.


The walking boot was cumbersome and you didn't feel like you had your balance. You were always looking down to see where your heel was going to be first and then you were trying to compensate for everything else.

Especially on the grass, you had to be careful where you were putting your foot so that you were balanced because the grass or ground is uneven and it made it more difficult than to keep your balance.

You're always looking down to see where your foot was going and not where you were going. Steps were hard because you kept trying to get the leg up on the step with the full boot on and that was difficult to do and then bring the other one up.

It was almost like you had to use two hands on the railings instead of just one or natural without any. The difference right away of putting on the TayCo Brace was the weight. Then getting it on was a lot easier to do and then it was more lightweight when you stood up and then you could actually do some movements.

It stabilized your ankle but it gave you freedom of your heels and your toes. Lots more comfortable to wear, lots more lightweight which made it then easier to do activities. Walking on grass and ground were a lot easier to do.

You could go longer distances, going up the steps was real easy, coming down the steps was easy. You could even pivot as you came down the steps. With the TayCo Brace you could do a lot more of your daily activities for longer periods of time too.

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