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Get Back to Normal Life After an Ankle Injury

Get Back to Normal Life After an Ankle Injury

Testimonial from Erin Neufelder, a school teacher with an ankle injury and how the TayCo Brace was able to provide her the mobility to continue working and maintain her normal lifestyle.


I'm Erin Neufelder, and I spend my summers playing a lot of tennis, and played so much, I really injured my foot worse. I rolled it and kept playing because I got a cortisone shot, and then ended up seeing a surgeon, had the bone taken out, and my tendon sewn up.

So I had to be in a cast for quite a while, and have non-weight bearing. So Dr. Ferlic had offered to be on the study and wear this TayCo Brace. So I opted to do that so I would have the flexibility of being able to take it off and to shower.

And it was so lightweight it was great being in the classroom being, able to walk around without dragging this three -pound boot around. So it really worked for me. As I'm healing I think the healing process was great because I could put weight on it and I was non-weight -bearing for so long and still do the exercises to strengthen my ankle by having the flexion available for me.

So that was huge. So when he said you'll be able to shower, cause it was horrible trying to shower with that soft cast on my leg. And I said, you're kidding. I can take it off. And he's like, you can't take everything off your shoe.

Huge to a female to get in that shower and not have to have your leg hanging out. So, that, that that was a good thing for me, one of the great advantages with the TayCo Brace is being able to put it on and off your foot.

And I was able to do that very quickly. As I said, I'm a school teacher and the days that it was snowy I didn't wear this outside but I was able to take it off quickly, put my snow boot on and come in and put it on quickly without spending time but it's very, very easy to get on an off your foot.

One of the other things I really like about the TayCo Brace is being able have that flexion. It has a hinge on the side and your feet can flex and that was one of my physical therapy exercises to do so I could flex it and I still had that nice stable side.

I felt very safe in it when I was outside at recess. It's just very supportive and your foot's able to move. Again you have that great tennis shoe that fits your foot and it's comfortable to wear so great advantage having that.

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