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TayCo Brace Gives Patients with Guillain Barre Their Life Back

TayCo Brace Gives Patients with Guillain Barre Their Life Back

Lori Keller shares her story about how the TayCo Brace gave her the mobility to continue her normal life style after being diagnosed with a potentially debilitating disease, Guillain Barre.


Ten months ago, I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a condition that weakens muscles and can cause paralysis. After six months, I began walking again, but I kept rolling my ankles, despite trying various braces. Then, I discovered the TayCo Brace.

Initially, I received the TayCo Brace for my left leg, and it worked wonders. So, I asked my doctor if I could have one for my right leg as well. Before falling ill, I was quite active for my age, often participating in 5K runs, horseback riding, and outdoor activities. However, my illness caused me to lose muscle tone, making it difficult to walk safely.

What sets the TayCo Brace apart is its ability to provide stability while still requiring me to use my muscles to lift and lower my foot. This not only keeps me safe on uneven terrain but also helps rebuild my muscle strength. Mentally, the transition from an active lifestyle to limited mobility was challenging. But with the TayCo Brace, I regained my independence and confidence.

I've tried various braces before, from Velcro types to rigid AFOs, but none offered the comfort and stability I needed. The TayCo Brace allows me to wear regular running shoes, providing both stability and flexibility. It's been a game-changer, enabling me to resume activities like working out on the elliptical and treadmill safely.

I believe there's a significant future for the TayCo Brace, not just for sports injuries but also for various illnesses affecting mobility. Its unique design promotes muscle engagement while offering essential support, making it suitable for a wide range of conditions.

I've shared my experience with others, and there's been immense interest in the TayCo Brace. Many see its potential to improve their quality of life, just as it has for me. With the TayCo Brace, I'm back to doing what I love, like spending time with my horses, and it has truly changed my life for the better.

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